Site Redevelopment Former Celanese Plant

ATON professionals assisted Toucan Development, LLC in conducting the initial due diligence at the Former Celanese Plant in Meredosia, Illinois prior to purchasing the site as well as the environmental liability associated with the site.


ATON was involved in reviewing a variety of historic environmental documentation and conducted additional environmental investigations prior to the purchase by Toucan Development, LLC. Since the purchase of the site by Toucan Development, LLC, ATON will begin the closure process of the remaining lagoon and settling basin and supervise any remaining abatement and demolition of the buildings onsite.  


The site was a former manufacturer of polymer resins and adhesives for the paint, textile, and paper industries. The site includes a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and four wastewater lagoons and settling basin. In addition to the due diligence and All Appropriate Inquiry, ATON was tasked with devising an overall closure plan for the site to eliminate any environmental risks for future development. ATON was able to complete the assigned tasks by the required deadlines. ATON will be actively involved with the future compliance, monitoring, and closures.


After completing the due diligence and AAI, ATON will be conducting the supervision of activities on the WWTP and lagoon closures in addition to several years of groundwater monitoring of the closed lagoons as required.


ATON has assisted Toucan Development, LLC on numerous industrial sites throughout the country. Redevelopment plans have included redevelopment as industrial or alternative energy facilities.