Site Redevelopment Former Dynegy Havana Redevelopment

ATON professionals were at the forefront of the process for Commercial Liability Partners (CLP) in conducting the due diligence as part of evaluating the potential for purchasing of the site and the environmental liability of the site.


ATON was involved in reviewing a variety of historic environmental documentation, conducted additional environmental investigations prior to the purchase by CLP. Upon purchase, ATON will begin the oversight of the ash pond closures, ongoing water treatment and NPDES compliance, groundwater monitoring and reporting. 


The site contains the ash disposal units for a former coal fired power plant and requires numerous environmental permits, compliance records, regulatory reporting, and other various environmental documentation. ATON was granted access to all historic environmental and compliance files. ATON was challenged to complete the due diligence on a large amount of data within specific deadlines.  ATON accepted the challenge and completed the required tasks by the required deadlines. Our team of professionals will be actively involved with the future compliance, monitoring, and closures.


In addition to the review of historic information, prior to redevelopment, continued supervision of activities on the ash pond closures will go on for several years as well as groundwater monitoring of the ash ponds.


ATON has assisted CLP on numerous shuttered power plants through the country. Redevelopment plans have included use as industrial or alternative energy facilities.