Site Redevelopment Former Liberty Bell Oil Co.

ATON is a trusted advisor to Green Street in the redevelopment of the former Liberty Bell Oil Co. and Porter Oil properties located at South Vandeventer Avenue in the City of St. Louis.

Completion Date: In Progress


To date, the project has included the preparation of multiple Phase I environmental site assessments and building inspections associated with the property assemblage, review of historical environmental site assessment reports, supplemental subsurface investigation work, abatement and demolition design and oversight services, as well as all required MDNR BVCP and EPA reporting and documentation.

The primary contaminants of concern identified at the site consist of heavy metals, VOCs, TPH, SVOCs, and Asbestos.


ATON is working closely with Green Street St. Louis during the planning stages of the project to satisfy MDNR BVCP requirements and various components of the proposed development (asphalt parking lots, concrete sidewalks, building foundations and slabs) were incorporated into the risk assessment as engineered barrier components. ATON is also designing a vapor mitigation system that is protective of human health and the environment and will ensure proper regulatory closure. ATON is preparing a comprehensive Remedial Action Plan (RAP) per MDNR BVCP Departmental guidance to address contamination identified at the remediation site.


While the project is still ongoing, past development efforts have stalled and the local and state level. Since Green Street’s acquisition of the property, the redevelopment efforts associated with the property have been applauded by the local and state regulators and stakeholders given the prior adverse environmental impacts at the site and the complexity of the conceptual site model and cleanup. The RAP includes hot spot soil removal, in-situ soil and groundwater treatment, as well as vapor intrusion mitigation consistent with new building design and construction. Development plans include an urban, mixed-use approach with multi-family and retail components.